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I'm Jones and this is Laurie


Everybody calls her Minette.

Minette is pastavore. Which means that pasta would be her survival food in case of an apocalypse.

She likes to know how things end. The end of a movie, the end of a book... she likes to be spoiled.

She believes in Aliens. I think she is one of them in a secret mission.

She loves singing existing songs while inventing new languages.

Her brain is a dressing room without shelves or rods. And this is what makes the inspirational eclecticism she brings to our work.


I'm Laurie and this is Jones.


He's someone who likes to take his time... really take his time.

As a keen observer, he carefully analyzes what he eats before each bite (which doesn't help when he has to "hurry up").

He laughs loudly! Which tends to make me laugh even when I haven't heard his joke. 

He likes to start books. Finishing them is something else.

His days are punctuated with "Oh Minette, I had an idea".

Jones is the inventor of the duo. He dreamed of being an "adventurous inventor" when he was little. At first I thought it didn't exist. But that was at the beginning. Today I can say that it's a bit of a consecration. He also dreamed of being an adventurous archaeologist like Indiana Jones but we'll see later to make it come true.


We are Laurie and Jones, welcome in our head : We Found It Shop